I am Zhenbang Xiao. My friends call me Stark Shaw. I live in Dublin, Ireland.

Currently, I am a Cloud Support Engineer in Amazon Web Services.

I build stuff on serverless architecture, I know things like API Gateway, Lambda, Cognito.

I am also a subject matter expert (sometimes referred as SME) on Amazon Connect. That said, I know how to build cloud contact center, with other serverless components.

You can check my LinkedIn page here for more information about my experiences, projects, and where did I go to college.

If you want some more technical stuff, you can check my GitHub page here about what code projects I am involved in.

If you can read Chinese, I also have a blog called xiaozhenba.ng written in Chinese, documenting my comments on topics, my hobbies, movies, and many more. On a side note, pretty nice domain name, huh?

My active personal projects can be found on helvetica.ninja.


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