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Zhenbang Xiao

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An experienced, passionate and confident undergraduate student based himself at National University of Ireland, Maynooth, specializing Computer Science & Software Engineering. It is a great opportunity to research, witness the development of newest information technologies. Besides the high-tech studies, he also has some art skills. He followed his father in his young age and practiced photography in numerous scenes. However this is not the end, he practiced and systematically studied piano, violin, and advanced music knowledge.

Currently he is interested in iOS Development and web spider applications. He is learning Objective-C and Python 3 by himself during extracurricular times.

Latest Projects

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Stark Photography

Stark Photography is my side project started one year ago. I put myself into Photography more than 10 years and I did few wedding and commericial photography. Most time I do street photography for improve my skills.

Official Website

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IMDB – Command Tool

IMDB is a command line interface program for searching movies, actors, directors in the Internet Movie Database. And this project is from a thought of studying web spider.

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Chinese Font Projects

I am a font lover. Nowadays, web font is very popular in websites. However for Chinese users, there is no good option to embed Chinese fonts into website. And it is also not easy to push font industry forward in Chinese circle. I am managing few GitHub repositories to display Chinese web fonts and fonts built in applications. In fact the Chinese version of my personal website is using web font technology called font-spider.

My Personal Website (Chinese Version)

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Be My Hermes! – Make Money While Commuting

Be My Hermes! is a project at Startup Weekend Dublin. In this commercial model there are 2 roles which are sender and commuter. The sender gives the target package to the commuter and the commuter will deliver the package to the destination during commuting. I was doing web development in this project.

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Other Projects

DeeVeeDee Open Source

DeeVeeDee was a group project on my second year of undergraduate, it is a DVD rental website.

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Rendezvous Game Open Source

A Global Game Jam 2015 weekend game project by our team.
In a world where opposites repel two people are willing to do anything to be together. Driven by one sole purpose in life Mike and Jane dream that one day this can become a reality.
This is a 2D puzzle game where 2 characters move simultaneously in opposite direction to one another hoping that they will finally meet. Faced by many obstacles the goal of the player is to bypass these obstacles to get them to unite.

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Volunteer Experience

Programming Support Center Tutor - NUI Maynooth (October 2014 – May 2015)

My responsibility is basically help student studying Computer Science in the first year who have some problems on algorithms, programming, or someone looking for programming challenge. My teaching knowledge covered Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Object-oriented Programming and Introduction to Computer System.

Technician - StudyNotes.ie (May 2015)

I was volunteering during a revision event for leaving cert by StudyNotes.ie. My responsibility is video recording as well as voice recording.

My GitHub

I am a GitHub lover as well. I post all my college lab works and personal projects since November 2014. Also include similar lab works written in different language for learn more programming languages.